Fire Angel Empire

Fire Angel Empire is a tactical Lineage 2 PVP server build for international community gaming and all lineage 2 lovers.

Being a player, means that the time you spend to play a MMORPG have to be the most enjoyble part of the day and this thing can be achieved only by giving you a reliable, balanced and compact server to play Lineage 2.

We offer you this Gracia Final part on a highly performing server and all the support you need to make sieges, pvp ( player versus player), tvt (Team versus Team), pve (player versus enviroment) , level up, farm and much more to entertein you and your friends while are you playing on this L2 pvp server.

More details and informations about this server (improvements, custom ideas, explinations about decisions made and anything usefull) cand be found on server statistics page.

In a few lines I'll present the basic and most important server status & settings:

-Vitallity is set to off, because a character need a constant XP rate to fit with the drops calculated on mobs and others.
-Farming zones are divided in 4 parts, to make balance and to give a more user friendly gaming to players.
-Enchant rate is set to 4 on safe and 25 as maximum. PvP weapons and hero weapons can be enchanted and can take element attribute on them.
-Economy in game is based on 3 curency types :
Fire Angel Spirit Fire Angel Spirit ~ known as adena in Lineage 2
Fire Angel Coin Fire Angel Coin ~ known as ancient adena in Lineage 2
Fire Angel Imperial Coin Fire Angel Imperial Coin ~ a new currency used in trading luxury items ,that can be obtained from PVP and TVT events (automated ones)
-Number of maximum buffs taken from npc is 24 with maximum 12 dances & songs, this how all characters have the chance to not be overwhelmed by others and giving to a complet party the full power can get from buffing.Pets can get maximum of 20 buffs.
-Custom NPCs as gatekeeper teleporter, buffer, merchant, class master, skill enchanter, luxury shop or merchant, tvt and pvp npc events are made to the highest level of quality a specific npc can be.A little presentation about them can be seen through out this image gallery, but more statistics can be found throughout the site.

-A custom NPC has been made for trading between players (buying, selling, rent, bet) ,making the usual trade ( sitting and waiting for someone to buy an item for an amount of adena) prohibited.The advantage is that you dont need to go every town to find something, you can find it fast,you dont waste time, you can make anything else while your items are on selling and the biggest advantage is that towns arent fulled with players, so client lag is not anymore a problem.
-Our server has installed an anticheat bot that can detect suspicious actions like farming with walker and such more.A question will be displayed and if you dont answer in 120 seconds you will go to jail automated.

Why we dont have Epilogue on our server? The answer is simple.Epilogue is not stable and dont have major updates for l2j and l2off servers, so it's a folly to play on an Epilogue server just because its updated to Epilogue only formal.Many players dont even know how to play on Gracia Final...

If you like the site, guaranteed you will like the server :)
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2022-09-26 04:01:41

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2011 Oct 12
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2011 Oct 12
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2011 Nov 12

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